Complete WordPress Web Design Course


Learning WordPress


1 on 1 Complete WordPress Web Design Course
incl. domain and hosting, database and email setup, FTP setup, installing WP, adding Theme / plugins, designing site, maintaining / promoting site.

WordPress is the extremely popular platform that is used for 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 [ source ]

Dordogne Design offers this 1 on 1 Complete WordPress Web Design Course. This course is in person, not online or over the phone. The course can be done at your home or at my office.
The course consists of 10 topics, each lasting a minimum of an hour each, that can be arranged to fit your schedule. This is NOT a rush course, and after this course you will certainly be able to design websites using WordPress

0] – FREE Consult – Choosing your hosting and domain needs

1] – database and email setup
– FTP setup

2] – Uploading WordPress
– Activating WordPress
– Adding and Changing WP Theme
– Adding “must have” Plugins

3] – Explaining “Pages” / “Posts” / “Categories” etc.
– Creating Categories, changing the Permalink structure, and designating the Home Page and Blog Page
– Creating full Page Structure [ for example Home – About – Prices – Contact etc. ]
– Creating a “Contact Us” form
– Making minor changes to the Theme [ for example the Color, font type / size etc ]

4] – Focus solely on the “Home Page” layout

5] – Focus on remaining “Pages”

6] – Focus on “Posts” [ why, where and when to use posts over pages or vice versa ]

7] – Complete Search Engine Optimization of the site

8] – Preparing you to “Problem Solve” most issues that will hopefully never happen [ for example .maintenance jam, plugin issues etc..

9] – Getting the most out of your site using Social Media AND ways to make money from your site [ for example Google, Amazon etc. ]

10] –  Answering / Explaining all un-answered questions.

The price of this course is just 500 Euro, considering most website developers [ incl. myself ] charge a lot more to design a website, this is an excellent deal. Learn how to design while designing your own site… and possibly others in the future.

Google and Mobile friendly websites

Google is updating its search algorithms to favour websites that work well on mobile devices.

Sections of sites owned by the European Union, the BBC and Wikipedia currently fail the search giant’s Mobile Friendly Test developer tool.

“Mobile friendliness” will affect how prominently websites appear in Google search results pages from 21 April.

Criteria includes text size, the amount of space between links and whether the content fits across a mobile screen.

A Google representative said mobile friendliness was “one of many” factors used by the search engine to rank results, but in a blog post the company said it would have “a significant impact” on search results.
“As people increasingly search on their mobile devices, we want to make sure they can find content that’s not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens,” the representative said.

Google is also offering developer tools for making websites compliant with the mobile-friendly guidelines.
Kevin Dallas, chief product officer at global payment processor Worldpay eCommerce, welcomed the changes.

“This move by Google should send a message to companies whose websites are poorly configured for smartphone users that optimising for mobile is no longer a matter of choice,” he said.

“This is particularly relevant for online retailers.”

The BBC said that while its domain failed the test, mobile users would soon be automatically redirected to a mobile version of the site,, which did pass the test, and was responsive, meaning it should adapt to fit the device on which it is being accessed.

The EU and Wikipedia have also been contacted by the BBC for comment.

The European Union’s home page appears to be the only part of its site to currently fail the test.

Google clashed with the EU last week when European Union competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced a complaint had been filed against Google over alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

Google has denied the allegations, which include promoting links to its own shopping services above those of rivals.

Pay Per Result Search Engine Listing

Dordogne Design SEO

Dordogne Design is pleased to announce that we have just lauched 3 new Pay Per Result (PPR) packages.
This means that if Dordogne Design designs your website, you can make use of PPR, which means you only pay if your site reaches the agreed result… here’s an example of how it works…

You tell us what keyword(s) you would like your site to be high on the search rankings, and Dordogne Design will use 100% ethical seo methods to get your site on the top pages, and the good news is, if we don’t get you the agreed results, you don’t pay anything… that’s correct, you only pay if we reach the agreed result.

We offer 3 PPR packages, that work as followed:

Package #1 €500,- we will get your site listed on page 1 – 4 … this means that as soon as your site reaches at least page 4, we have reached our agreed result and you then pay us our fee.

Package #2 €900,- choose this package and only pay us once we get your site listed on page 1 or 2 of Google ( or any other Search Engine of choice)

Package #3 €1500,- No guarantees we can do it, but you only pay us if we get your site listed on the first page of your choice of search engine using your choice of keywords.

We do not make any promises we cannot keep, but at least you get to keep your money until we deliver the results.

The above prices do not include the actual designing of the website